Bournemouth hotel claims to be UK’s most eco friendly place to stay

UK: A hotel in Bournemouth has claimed it is the most eco friendly hotel in the UK.

UK: A hotel in Bournemouth has claimed it is the most eco friendly hotel in the UK.

The Green House Hotel has announced it is the greenest hotel in the UK because it produces “52 per cent less carbon emissions than the average hotel.”

The Green House Hotel opened in 2010 after a £5 million refurbishment of the Grade II listed building. During the refit the environmental impact of every decision was considered and principles of sustainability were at the core of the decision making process in the hotel’s commitment to achieving BREEAM accreditation.

The hotel has a long history of sustainable practices – In 2012 it introduced beehives to its rooftop and has since used the honey produced in its restaurant.

In 2019 Expedia named the hotel as one of the top 10 eco-hotels in the world. The hotel is a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and was awarded GOLD level at its first attempt at the environmental status. The Green House Hotel is currently undergoing ISO14001 accreditation.

Neil Carter, general manager The Green House Hotel, said: “We’ve always strived to be the greenest hotel in the UK, every decision we make is carefully scrutinised to make sure it has minimal impact on the environment. The hotel’s carbon calculation is based on our 2019 activity, pre-Covid, when we were running normally. This will set our baseline now for us to make reductions against for this year, 2022, the first full year of trading after the pandemic.” 

The hotel’s website has a sustainability section where you can read about all the ways it strives to be as green as possible.  For example, it produces its own electricity on-site using solar panels and a Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP). 

CHP is a highly efficient way to use fuels and can make a significant contribution to the UK’s sustainable energy goals. The hotel also exports any excess electricity to the National Grid, and imports any extra it might need through its agreement with Ecotricity, a green electricity company building new renewable energy sources. 

Other green initiatives and operations include The hotel’s furniture, which is made from fallen trees, beehives on the roof and EV charging points for guests to use ​​(A dedicated Tesla charging point and a Type 2 charger for other electric cars).

There is a wildlife-friendly garden with bug hotels, native plants and bird and bat boxes.

Waste oil from the kitchen is made into fuel and coffee beans are composted for our community veg garden on site. 

The hotel restaurant, Arbor, offers local, fresh, where possible organic food sourced from producers with high animal welfare standards. It features locally-brewed beer and spirits at the bar, and the wine list has been selected according to the carbon footprint of every bottle. 

Staff are trained on sustainability, and suppliers are assessed against recognised environmental standards. The hotel is a member of Considerate Hoteliers, whose objective is to adopt sustainable environmentally friendly and socially responsible policies and practices. 

Carter added: “We’re delighted with these results, to be producing less than half the carbon emissions of the average UK hotel is excellent news. We have been working tirelessly since we opened, and throughout the pandemic, to assess all that we do, to research new technologies and products, it’s a constantly evolving process, and these results are a testament to our team’s hard work”.

Considerate Hoteliers was recently in the news as it partnered with The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance on making the industry net positive.

Image: The Green House Hotel

Net positive hospitality at heart of sustainable partnership

UK: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and the Considerate Group have teamed up to help advance net positive hospitality.

UK: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and the Considerate Group have teamed up to help advance net positive hospitality.

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance), the leading network for responsible hospitality, and sustainable advisory firm, Considerate Group, have announced an agreement to support the hospitality industry to become measurably more sustainable. 

Alliance CEO Glenn Mandziuk and Considerate Group Managing Partner & CSO Xenia zu Hohenlohe met with His Majesty King Charles III at a reception at Buckingham Palace, which was also attended by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Global CEOs and politicians also attended.

The agreement will represent the hospitality industry as part of a co-ordinated private sector effort to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future. 

Both organisations have a strong focus on impact monitoring and reporting, and aim to innovate measurement tools to better support and deliver services to the hospitality industry.

The Alliance recently updated its global methodology and tool for carbon measurement, the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI), as well as offering water and waste measurement resources. 

HCMI is now being used by over 30,000 hotels worldwide including those of Hyatt, Marriott International and Radisson Hotel Group, as well as being recognised by business travel platforms, Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index (CHSB), and business associations.

Considerate Group’s Con-Serve data-monitoring platform enables hospitality clients to measure resource consumption and broader ESG metrics including electricity, heat, water, waste, food miles, business travel and volunteer hours and aligns to the HCMI. The Considerate Group’s tailor-made, hands-on consultancy services also helps hospitality businesses to set and achieve their sustainability goals. 

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, said: “We have a history of collaboration with the Considerate Group and I am hugely positive about the momentous projects that we are leading together. This partnership will support the advancement of Net Positive Hospitality through research, development and promotion, and together we’ll drive industry action on biodiversity, climate change and other leading issues.”

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, Considerate group managing partner & CSO, said: “We are delighted and honoured to be partnering with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, as such a highly recognised organisation with a truly international reach. Their solid frameworks set guiding principles which the entire industry can follow. This collaboration will help us drive the much-needed change in our sector and achieve goals the entire planet needs, as well as focusing on creating a positive impact for hospitality businesses.”

Greenview partners with Sustainable Hospitality Alliance 

UK: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and Greenview have become partners to advance sustainability across the hotel industry.

UK: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and Greenview have become partners to advance sustainability across the hotel industry.

The two have signed a cooperation agreement which will combine the Alliance’s industry leadership, and sector-specific experience, with Greenview’s expertise in sustainability programmes and data management.

The idea is that the partnership will help with creating innovative tools and initiatives to support the industry to work towards Net Positive Hospitality.

The two have worked together before with the development of the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) – which enables hotels to measure the carbon footprint of stays, meetings and events. 

Glenn Mandziuk, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance CEO, said: “If we are to progress towards net positive hospitality, it is essential that hotels, partners and clients have access to reliable tools to understand the impact of the industry. Having worked collaboratively with Greenview to develop pioneering tools for a number of years, this new agreement will ensure that any and all hotels around the world are able to measure their impact and help create alignment in order to drive significant progress.”

The recently updated HCMI tool is applicable to all hotels, no matter their size, amenities, or experience in carbon reporting, and is now used by over 30,000 hotels worldwide. 

As the only industry-recognised carbon calculation methodology for over ten years, HCMI provides consistent, transparent, and globally comparable data, enabling hotels to inform buyer decision-making and track their carbon reduction progress. The tool is used in the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking index (CHSB), the largest industry initiative of its kind which enables hotels and their customers to benchmark sustainability performance.

Greenview and the Alliance have also worked together to create the Hotel Destination Water Risk Index and build the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative, as well as collaborating with Tourism Declares, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to create the Net Zero Methodology.

By working in collaboration with the hospitality industry, alongside expert partners, the Alliance strives to help hotels understand their relationship with the planet and its inhabitants and take crucial steps towards a more regenerative hospitality industry that gives back more than it takes.

Eric Ricaurte, Greenview Founder and CEO, said: “As ESG reporting becomes increasingly essential for companies around the world, we are proud to be working alongside the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to ensure hotels and their networks have access to the latest tools and initiatives. Through this joined up approach we aim to facilitate hotels to not only keep track of their impact, but also understand and communicate their progression towards a more sustainable future.”

Image from Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

European Sustainable Tourism Awards open for voting

UK: Voting is now open for the 50 categories at the GriNN Awards – The European Sustainable Tourism Awards. 

UK: Voting is now open for the 50 categories at the GriNN Awards – The European Sustainable Tourism Awards. 

Hotels, pubs and tourism leaders from 23 European countries were nominated earlier this year for the awards, which recognise commitment and achievements in sustainability across the hospitality sector.

Voting is open to the public and the finalists will be announced after jury deliberation. 

The jury includes experts in the sector:

Jakob Nader PLAZA Hotel Group, head of the sales department for more than 40 Hotels in Germany, Austria and Netherlands. Nader is committed to promoting growth through sustainability. 

Cristina Castilla, customer experience tourism, producer, events. Her career is dedicated to offering customers the best travel experiences.

Floris Licht, chairman Convention Bureau Event Park Amsterdam and chief tree planting officer. Licht is an innovative and entrepreneurial GM.

Co founders of Quartz Inn Hotels, which runs the awards, are also on the judging panel.

Lidiia Tkachenko, co-founder of Quartz Inn Hotels, sustainability & partnerships and Alexander Zawadzki, co-founder and director of operations, Quartz Inn Hotels will oversee the process.

Quartz Inn Hotels operates in Europe, with more than 40 sustainable properties in its portfolio and is focused on building towards a more sustainable, future for the hospitality sector. Quartz Inn Hotels has its headquarters in London and was co-founded by Lidiia Tkachenko, Alexander Zawadzki and Ignacio Merino.

Sustainable Hotel News is proud to be sponsoring three categories in this year’s awards.

Along with main Sponsor MEWS, Sustainable Hotel News is supporting the awards for: Best Luxury Eco Accommodation, Best Sustainable Accommodation – Scotland, Best Sustainable Accommodation – Wales.

We wish all the entrants in all 50 categories the best of luck and look forward to reporting the news of the winners.

For more information about the awards and to vote click here. Voting ends at 23.59 on November 6th.

Six Senses Hotels & Resorts to open sustainability focused resort in Grand Bahama 

BAHAMAS: Six Senses Hotels & Resorts has announced the development of a resort on Grand Bahama with sustainability at its heart.

BAHAMAS: Six Senses Hotels & Resorts has announced the development of a resort on Grand Bahama with sustainability at its heart.

The resort will offer 45 waterfront villas on the beach and future access to a marina. There will be a restaurant, boathouse and pool bar as well as an “Experience Center” with artist studios, relaxed meeting spaces, a fitness centre, and a Six Senses Spa. 

Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs said: “We’re eager to reflect the authenticity of Bahamian lifestyle, culture, and landscape through organic pathways and architectural design to create a community blended with our signature ethos of wellness, sustainability, crafted guest experiences, and emotional hospitality.”

The sustainable aspects of the development include using units, which are modular and prefabricated to minimise on-site impacts. 

Designed by architects 3XN, founder Kim Herforth Nielson said: “This is a great opportunity to investigate new construction methods and define a specific and new approach to sustainability in The Bahamas – both for the buildings and to respect the exceptional local nature.”

The village will have one of the Six Senses Earth Lab’s (Earth Lab serves as a place dedicated to engagement and innovation. This is where the group communicates the work happening on and off site at each of its properties. It also displays consumption data including water, energy and waste).

The resort will also be home to a Marine Research and Dive Center, which will focus on driving coastal resilience, native plantings, and land restoration. 

The development and investment team, led by Weller Development Partners and Pegasus Capital Advisors, has a proven track record of environmental sustainability and a reputation for delivering transformative projects. 

Founding partner and president of Weller Development Partners, Marc Weller said, “We are dedicated to ensuring that our developments have a positive social impact on surrounding communities. Our team uses sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint, establish resilient and healthy communities, and preserve our natural environment. We want to build trust and work with the people of Grand Bahama to achieve their priorities and realise the potential of this amazing island.”

Founder and CEO of Pegasus Capital Advisers Craig Cogut said: “Our aim is always to create nature-based solutions and sustainable infrastructure while generating social and environmental outcomes that are intentional, material, and scalable.”

Pegasus Capital Advisors specialises in investments in sustainable ocean production, eco-tourism, and infrastructure.

Grand Bahama is the gateway to The Bahamas and a short flight to and from South Florida. Six Senses Grand Bahama is slated to open in 2026.

Other Six Senses eco friendly projects include the announcement of its Net Zero hotel in Norway and its Sustainability Camp aimed at teenagers, in the Maldives.

Image credit: Six Senses Hotels and Resorts