Palladium Hotel Group ups sustainable energy goals

SPAIN: Spanish group The Palladium Hotel Group is hoping to showcase its sustainability efforts as it focuses on achieving its renewable energy goals this year.

SPAIN: Spanish group The Palladium Hotel Group is hoping to showcase its sustainability efforts as it focuses on achieving its renewable energy goals this year.

Currently 100 per cent all of the energy consumed in the group’s Spanish properties comes from renewable sources – either from guaranteed origin or the hotels’ photovoltaic (solar) panels. 

The group has installed 1,327 solar panels in Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza (pictured above from Palladium Hotel Group), Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa and Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa. 

The solar panels create power up to 600 kWp and can produce 746,000 kW, avoiding 186,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

In the future, in order to achieve its sustainability goals the group plans to make use of other sustainable sources, including natural gas, thermal recovery systems and geothermal energy. Energy use for the rest of the portfolio in the rest of Spain, Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Brazil hits 20 per cent for a guarantee of renewable origin, but Palladium Palace Hotel Group wants that figure to reach 50 per cent this year.

A recent report by cited how travellers are looking for more sustainable accommodation options when they travel including more than 50 per cent of travellers from the UK.

It will do this by trying other methods of sustainable energy and continue to be proactive in other sustainability goals by focusing on waste management, the reduction of single-use plastics, and support for local products.

The Spanish hotel chain operates 41 hotels under nine different brands: TRS Hotels, Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, Palladium Hotels, Palladium Boutique Hotels, Fiesta Hotels & Resorts, Ushuaïa Unexpected Hotels, Only You Hotels, Bless Collection Hotels and the Hard Rock Hotels Brand under licence with three hotels in Ibiza Tenerife and Marbella.

 Palladium Hotel Group has achieved various different certifications of sustainability from different standardisation companies across the world and its portfolio, including those by ReThink Hotel Association, EarthCheck Silver and Platinum and Blue Flag awards.

More than half of UK travellers want sustainable accommodation has released its 2022 Sustainability Report with insight from more than 30,000 travellers from 32 countries. has released its 2022 Sustainability Report with insight from more than 30,000 travellers from 32 countries.

The new research highlights that for many people the impact of their trip on the environment does feature highly on their considerations when booking.

57 per cent of travellers from the UK wanted to travel more sustainably in the next year, which is a 27 per cent increase on last year’s response.

 71 per cent of travellers said that sustainable travel is important to them, and almost half of all respondents (42 per cent) cited that recent news about climate change has influenced them to make more sustainable travel choices. 

To that end, a quarter of UK travellers say that the sustainability efforts of accommodations and transport providers play a strong role in their property and transport decisions respectively and 55 per cent of travellers say they would be more likely to choose a sustainable accommodation – whether they were looking specifically for one or not.

Awareness and visibility of more sustainable stays continues, with a quarter of travellers confirming they have seen a sustainable accommodation on an online travel site over the past year and 29 per cent indicating that they actively look for information on the sustainability efforts of a property before they book. 

Even more encouraging 33 per cent of travellers responded to say they have stayed in a sustainable accommodation over the past year. Of those who have experienced a more sustainable stay in the past 12 months, the reasons for selecting one vary:

  • 31 per cent said they chose it to help reduce their impact on the environment 
  • Over a fifth (21 per cent) wanted to have a more locally relevant experience 
  • 24 per cent believe sustainable properties treat the community better 

But while 62 per cent of travellers want to stay in a sustainable property at least once this year, those who didn’t manage it last year said it was because of lack of awareness. 27 per cent said they didn’t know sustainable accommodation existed (although last year was lower with 30 per cent not knowing about the greener options).

However although people seem more interested in staying at eco options, nearly two thirds (62 per cent) admit that they don’t actively look for the sustainability efforts of a property before they book, unless the information is easy to find.

With more than 100,000 properties globally now being recognised for their sustainability efforts with a Travel Sustainable badge on, the company has also further expanded the number of third-party certifications and labels that automatically qualify accommodations to receive it.

In addition to those officially approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Green Tourism and the EU Ecolabel, this now also includes Green Seal, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Green Hospitality Ecolabel, Ibex Fairstay, Fair Trade Tourism, LEED and Edge. remained carbon neutral in its operations in 2021 and transitioned to 100 per cent renewable electricity towards the end of 2021, an important step as part of the company’s contribution to Booking Holdings’ recently released Climate Action Plan

The first of its kind for any global online travel company, its Climate Action Plan functions as a strategic framework for how Booking Holdings intends to make its operations, services and the travel industry more sustainable. 

In line with the definitions and measurements established by the Science Based Targets Initiative, the Climate Action Plan includes ambitious targets that aim to help the company achieve a 95 per cent reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions by the end of 2030, 50 per cent reduction in scope 3 emissions by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2040.

Glenn Fogel, CEO of said: “With increased pressure on our natural resources and the undeniable impact our way of life is having on the environment, we are 100 per cent committed to leading the industry in charting a more mindful and responsible course for the future of travel. We have ambitious goals for what we want to achieve, but together with our partners across the industry and the passion of our innovative employees, we can continue to make it easier for everyone to experience the world in a more mindful and responsible way. We believe that travel is and should remain a powerful force for good, bringing enhanced cultural understanding, socio-economic opportunities for countless communities and the potential to help rejuvenate and protect our planet for the long term.”

Radisson RED has just opened a sustainable hotel in Oslo, Norway.

1 Hotels to open sustainable Nashville property this month

US: 1 Hotels, the luxury eco-conscious hotel group is opening its Nashville poverty this month hot on the heels of its San Francisco site.

US: 1 Hotels, the luxury eco-conscious hotel group is opening its Nashville poverty this month hot on the heels of its San Francisco site.

The Nashville property is built on a brownfield site and will feature a living wall cladding the facade with 56,000 plants.

1 Hotels takes sustainability seriously with each US location certified carbon neutral and 100 per cent LEED Certified (the most recognized sustainable building rating system in the world). 

To achieve these levels the design process is key and 1 Hotels has repurposed more than 50 per cent of construction waste materials to create the hotel.

Other essentials are intelligent BMS systems (A BMS monitors, controls and reports on smart building technology systems) to control HVAC (heating ventilation and air con) and lighting systems and efficient water systems.

The group also has a partnership with Audi which offers guests use of their electric e-trons to explore the area.

The Nashville property opens this month.

1 Hotels is a US based group but its portfolio ranges across America and North America as well as four hotels in Europe and two in Asia Pacific.

Turkey welcomed its first carbon neutral hotel this month.

The Stay Hotels becomes first in Turkey to gain carbon neutral status

TURKEY: The Stay Hotels in Istanbul has become the first hotel group in Turkey to be awarded carbon neutral status.

The Bosphorus – image from The Stay Hotels
TURKEY: The Stay Hotels in Istanbul has become the first hotel group in Turkey to be awarded carbon neutral status.

The luxury hotel group, which has opened its fifth hotel, was certified as carbon neutral in March this year.

The carbon neutral designation was awarded by the French Bureau Veritas, which audited the hotel's operations and then evaluated it inline with the ISO 14064-1 international standard for greenhouse gas verification.

The group's website explains what they had to do to gain the award.

- We measured total carbon emissions over the consumption plan of all of our hotels, headquarters and other venues and vehicles. 

- We invested in and supported projects approved by international certification systems including Gold Standard and IREC. 

- We underwent an audit Bureau Veritas, an internationally recognised institution, in order to verify our compliance. 

We will continue to contribute to the world and its future as we implement these stages every year, by offsetting emissions and continuing to invest at home and across the world.

The hotel has to meet the same standards year on year in order to keep the certificate. Other sustainable touches include the pool tiled with glass bottles, the recycled sun loungers, and vegan leather headboards for the property.

Ali Ispahani, managing partner at The Stay Hotels said: “From the very beginning, sustainability was at the heart of our hospitality and we moved forward with this in mind in every aspect of our business.”

The company also invests in green-energy projects and makes sure it works with sustainable suppliers as well as using recycled materials where possible. 
The aim for The Stay is to become a zero-waste operation across all five of its properties by the end of this year.

Turkey as a destination is also hoping to attract those who want to 'stay sustainable' and in 2021 the tourism authority became a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This includes encouraging cycling instead of using cars as transport, as well as the trend of moving away from large resorts and focusing on small sustainable hotels.

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