The Apartment Network offers offsetting option

by: Felicity Cousins | January 18, 2024

EUROPE: The Apartment Network (TAN) is adding an option for customers to offset their carbon when enquiring or making a booking about accommodation.

The idea came after the team at TAN tracked and offset their own carbon for business travel for one year.

Now when a customer goes onto the TAN website to search or book an apartment they will be shown the amount of carbon emissions their stay incurs – as well as giving them the option to buy into an offsetting scheme. This amount will vary in cost depending on the length of stay and size of apartment.

Marcos Isaac, CEO, The Apartment Network said: “We’ve effectively offset our business travel and it made sense to offer our clients the same opportunity. 

“We recognise that offsetting is not the sole solution, but it allows TAN to invest in the future, in renewable energy projects.”

Sam McMillen, director of marketing & ESG says: “The more we do to reduce our carbon footprint the better, but there will be a point where we’ve done all we can but are still leaving a mark. 

“We will hear more about purposeful travel in 2024. Deciding to travel less and to stay longer is a conscious effort to get real value from each trip and to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”

 All offsetting projects on the platform adhere to standards, certified by national and international bodies including the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) Approved, Verified Carbon Standard, The Gold Standard, and Clean Development Mechanism Approved Carbon Offsetting. The management of these schemes is entrusted to specialist partners with ISO 14001 and quality assured ISO 9001 certifications. 

Last year we reported on the first carbon neutral resort in Greece and its offsetting initiatives.

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Image: Boodle McDougall