HRS launches sustainability Knowledge Hub for hotel sector

by: Felicity Cousins | February 29, 2024

WORLDWIDE: HRS has launched a sustainable education programme known as the Green Stay Knowledge Hub for the hotel sector.

The corporate accommodation and technology platform has launched the hub to offer those in the hotel sector a range of courses, webinars and downloadable guides focused on sustainable operations and best practice.

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has said individual hotels need to reduce carbon emissions by five per cent each year to achieve 2030 targets and if the hotel industry wants to continue on its growth trajectory without also increasing emissions, then it needs to reduce emissions by 66 per cent as a whole by 2030.  

According to HRS the Green Stay Knowledge Hub, which is free to access for HRS hotel partners, has these targets in mind.

Hoteliers will also learn about regulations such as the European CSRD and the upcoming SEC Guidelines (Securities and Exchange Commission) in North America, which will guide hoteliers on best practice to secure future investment.

Martin Biermann, chief product officer for HRS said: “In Europe, requirements tied to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) began in January. And in North America, the Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to issue sustainability-related requirements for public companies in the first half of the year.”  

As corporations are increasingly focused on reducing their Scope 3 emissions and more companies are asking for data transparency and metric verification for individual properties when soliciting for their accommodation programmes, hotels will be looking for help to be ahead of the curve.

Biermann added that “2024 stands to be a watershed year for hotel engagement on issues related to the reporting, reduction and removal of carbon emissions.” 

Hotels already participating in HRS’ Green Stay Initiative can use the Knowledge Hub to track emission reporting updates and upload their metrics which will help them compete for corporate volume.

Biermann said: “Average figures no longer suffice for procurement, reporting or answering travellers’ demand for information at the point-of-sale. 

“That’s why we’re launching the Knowledge Hub, giving hotels of any size or affiliation unbiased information on how they can accelerate their sustainability-related projects and enhance their standing as a socially responsible member of their local business community.” 

Green Stay Knowledge Hub highlights

  • Access to industry experts and best practices; 
  • Users to learn at their own pace, allowing hoteliers to tailor their learning paths 
  • Guidance for hotels to help plot for achievable outcomes (i.e. reducing energy intensity and/or increasing recycling scenarios by specific percentages in specific time frames) and benchmark their performance against industry standards and funding trends;  
  • Information tied to risk management issues related to sustainability, covering ramifications for hotels and their corporate clients;
  • Videos and webinars applicable for any sustainability programme, from on-site operational elements to corporate reporting on to the marketing of important green attributes; 
  • How to address unavoidable emissions via verifiable programs, including HRS’ new Emissions Compensation Programme.

As part of the Green Stay Knowledge Hub, HRS will also be hosting a series of webinars featuring best practices, case studies and trends in corporate procurement that impact the choices and pace of a hotel’s sustainable investments. The first webinar – titled Report, Reduce and Remove: On a Path to Net Zero” – will take place on March 26th

You can read more about HRS’s Emissions Compensation Programme below.

HRS launches emissions compensation solution for hotels

Photo by Headway on Unsplash