Belfast Hotel Group invests £380,000 in solar energy

by: Felicity Cousins | June 2, 2023

EUROPE: Northern Ireland’s largest hotel group, Andras Hotels, has installed 947 solar panels at the group’s Crowne Plaza hotel in Belfast, representing an investment of £380,000.

Wilson Power and Energy has designed the installation and will be supplying and fitting the solar energy facility, which will generate electricity for the hotel at the south Belfast site. 

All seven Andras Hotels were awarded the industry-recognised Green Tourism accreditation in September last year, including the Crowne Plaza hotel in Belfast. This investment in solar installation will help continue with the group’s sustainable pathway. 

The installation will reduce carbon emissions by the Crowne Plaza hotel by approximately 155 tonnes – the equivalent of planting 5,935 trees per year.

Rajesh Rana, director of Andras Hotels, said: “We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a net zero company. This investment in renewable energy technology will significantly reduce our electricity usage, and will reduce our emissions by the equivalent of burning 98,587 litres of fossil fuel per year.”

 Andrew Wilson founder Wilson Power and Energy said: “Photovoltaic solar installations are a great way for businesses to reduce their utility costs and their carbon footprint. Costs of solar installations have come down in recent years, and with the current price of electricity, payback can be delivered in less than five years. The installation at Crowne Plaza Belfast will be a 389kW solar system, which is projected to generate 326MWh annually. This will deliver a rate of return of cash invested of 26 per cent, and will reduce the site’s electricity consumption by up to 23 per cent.”

Wilson Power and Energy also offers services for battery energy storage projects and electric vehicle charging solutions. Wilson added: “Companies can now manage their energy use across the board, with smart technologies allowing users to monitor usage in real-time and control consumption. Our clients are generating and storing energy on-site, and installing low energy plant and green technologies that allow them to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.”

The hotel group is looking at solar options for the rest of its existing portfolio and new projects. This week we also reported on IHG joining a solar panel community project in the US, for its branded hotels to benefit from renewable energy, as well as giving back to the grid.

Image: Courtesy of Andras Hotels