Alliance teams up with university to drive net positive hospitality

by: Felicity Cousins | November 29, 2023

US: The University of South Carolina has partnered with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance in an effort to advance “the vision” for net positive hospitality.

Through this collaboration, the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management at the university will co-create research projects with the Alliance. 

The partnership will focus on research projects that foster increased knowledge in sustainable hospitality and tourism, crisis management, resilience, water risk, climate change, and carbon footprint.

The University of South Carolina, is known for its leadership in tourism and economic development, and currently spearheads the Richardson Family SmartState Center for Economic Excellence.

Lori Pennington-Gray endowed professor and director of the University of South Carolina said: “The Richardson Family SmartState Center is thrilled to be working with the Alliance on innovative, cutting-edge research to aid the industry in sustainable development and practices.”

“We are committed to timely projects that will focus in the areas of Risk management, water quality, crisis management, advocacy and knowledge building.” 

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance said: “This partnership is a commitment to the future generation of leaders within the hospitality sector. 

“The University of South Carolina joins our network of partners as crucial researchers and educators, enabling the Alliance to help the sector deliver Net Positive Hospitality.”

Earlier this month the Alliance called for hotels to take part in a ESG global research marathon.

Alliance calls on hotels to take part in ESG Global Research Marathon

Photo by javier trueba on Unsplash