Alliance calls on hotels to take part in ESG Global Research Marathon

by: Felicity Cousins | November 24, 2023

UK: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has put out an open call for hotels and hospitality companies to participate in some global research to help with the advancement of ESG practices.

The research will be for the Global Research Marathon for the 2024 International Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (International CHRIE).

The International CHRIE is collaborating with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to launch the research, which will be dedicated to advancing knowledge and driving positive change across ESG.

The Alliance which launched V2 of its Net Positive Hospitality Pathway this year says the themes of the research will include:

  • Climate change adaptation for hotels through supply chains and community support;
  • Biodiversity actions measurement and monitoring and impact;
  • Social impact best practices and measurement;
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities;
  • Human rights in outsourced services and supply chains;
  • Community engagement in and empowerment methodologies;
  • Guest engagement in sustainability and to nudge behaviour change;
  • Supply chain support for sustainability and enabling systemic change.

In a statement on LinkedIn The Alliance called for hotels, which have taken steps to advance sustainability in any of the above areas, or have data or practices they are able to share, to get in touch to take part in the research – the call for contributions is open until December 20th.

This week The Alliance also announced it has appointed Cris Tarrant BVA BDRC chairman as co chair of its Communications and PR Committee alongside Dimitris Manikis, president EMEA at Wyndham Hotels & resorts.

Image  Janko Ferlič on Unsplash