Alliance launches digital version of its Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality

by: Felicity Cousins | December 5, 2023

WORLDWIDE: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has launched a digital version of its Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality at COP28 in Dubai.

The tool provides hospitality companies with a clear roadmap to help them easily navigate 10 crucial topics within the framework and accelerate their ESG progress.

The latest edition of the Pathway includes more than 80 pages of comprehensive guidance, as well as new resources and case studies showcasing best practice. It was previously updated in March with V2.

The updated tool introduces a Progress Tracker, developed in collaboration with EY, which allows companies to understand and record their progress along the Pathway, providing valuable insights to measure their impact.

This Pathway aims to support the entire sector, from sustainability leaders to those just beginning their journey, in embracing sustainability.

Speaking at the UNWTO Side event at COP28, Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, said:”At the Alliance, we believe that every hotel can and must go beyond minimising negative impact and work to truly give back to the community, the destination, and the planet, regardless of their starting point.

“This digitised version of the Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality provides the industry with a clear and user-friendly framework to instil sustainability across the entire ecosystem. Building on V2 of the Pathway, which has already been adopted by hotels worldwide, we hope that this innovative digital version will empower hotels to prioritise, plan, and take practical action, ensuring accessibility for hotels of all sizes and experience levels.”

Key features include:

  • A breakdown of the journey to Net Positive, with 10 crucial topics and four stages per topic;
  • Guidance on Financing Net Positive Hospitality;
  • New resources on engaging employees, customers, and the community along the Pathway;
  • An Action Planner to identify relevant actions within each topic;
  • A Utilities Tracker to monitor environmental performance;
  • A Progress Tracker to understand hotels’ position along the Pathway;
  • A link to the Alliance’s newly launched Resource Directory (see more on that below);
  • Downloadable checklists highlighting key steps towards becoming Net Positive;
  • New case studies from across the Alliance’s membership;
  • Considerations for building owners to embed sustainability throughout the asset life cycle;
  • Topic-specific guidance for hotel operators.

You can see the digital version of the Pathway here.

This week the Alliance also launched a Hospitality Member Directory, which aims at highlighting those members who are leading the way with best practice to inspire the wider hospitality industry, as well as a Resource Directory (pictured above) which is a directory of sustainable suppliers (free to access for both members and non-members).

The suppliers in the Resource Directory are not necessarily in any partnership or joint venture with the Alliance or any listed organisations. Suppliers pay for different packages depending on how they are featured.

Introduced by the Alliance’s CEO, Glenn Mandziuk at COP28, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Resource Directory showcases businesses offering products and services that can address ESG challenges and opportunities.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance said of the directory: “It serves as a platform for regenerative solutions, fostering collaboration and innovation to achieve our shared sustainability goals.”

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance launches Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality – version 2.0


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