US App launches A Green Way to Travel Initiative

by: Felicity Cousins | August 31, 2022

US: WayAway, the recently founded price comparison app for travel, has announced the launch of ‘A Green Way To Travel Initiative’.

The price comparison travel app launched this summer and offers cost-saving, intelligent searches for the best flight, hotels and car rental deals.

The Green Way to Travel Initiative aims to limit the carbon footprint of travellers by giving them the option to buy carbon credits, provided by the company Sustainable Travel International. 

The company partnered with Envira Amazonia Project in Brazil which takes care of 500,000 acres of rainforest and protects against lumber harvesting and cattle ranching. 

Users of the app who pay for the WayAway Plus membership plan can get access to cashback offers from all their trip purchases. They are also able to withdraw their cash back as hard money via PayPal. 

WayAway Plus users can then use their cashback for a contribution to ‘A Green Way To Travel’, which is within the app. All contributions are then doubled by WayAway. 

Ivan Baidin, WayAway CEO said: “Travelling damages the planet and this problem needs to be solved if we want to keep going for vacations. But many travellers are simply lost as to what meaningful steps they should take to address this. So we at WayAway have established a partnership with the inspiring team at Sustainable Travel International to give our users a simple and trustworthy option for offsetting their travel with every trip.”

While it’s encouraging to have the option for traveller’s to offset their trips, it will be interesting to see the figures for the percentage of traveller’s who choose to contribute to the Green Way to Travel Initiative. SHN looks forward to reporting back when more information is available.