Scotland’s self catering association partners with Sustonica

by: Felicity Cousins | June 11, 2024

UK: The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC), which represents self-catering operators in Scotland, has partnered with Sustonica to showcase short-term rentals implementing sustainable practices.

The ASSC has more than 1,700 members and supports the operation of tens of thousands of self-catering properties across Scotland.

Barcelona-based Sustonica’s programme and badge offers recognition to those short term rental owners who are checking energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, and promoting the destination and minimising the negative impact on the community.

Data, which is sent in from the self catering properties, are externally validated by auditors according to ISO19011:2018 which according to ISO is “an international standard that provides guidelines for auditing management systems, including quality management systems (ISO 9001) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001). It outlines the principles of auditing, managing audit programs, and conducting management system audits.”

Under the Sustonica badge participating properties are required to achieve a minimum of 20 per cent of the criteria and improve on their score each year.

This is in accordance with the ISO methodology PDCA, a continuous cycle of “planning, doing, checking and acting”, which means companies have to increase their scores every year.

Through the new partnership, ASSC aims to encourage property owners and managers within its network to adopt measures that reduce environmental impact and strengthen the local short term tourism sector.

Fiona Campbell, chief executive ASSC said: “This collaboration allows us to offer our members a tangible way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to their guests, setting a new standard in the industry.”

Sustonica’s co founder and CEO, Vannessa de Souza Lage said: “This partnership is a significant step towards mainstreaming sustainable and responsible tourism practices in Scotland. Together, we can strengthen our industry and make a real difference in reducing the environmental and social footprint of short-term rentals.”

Photo by Bjorn Snelders on Unsplash