Rotana reduces food waste by 63 per cent with new technology

by: Felicity Cousins | May 8, 2024

UAE: Rotana has partnered with Chef’s Eye food-waste technology to help reduce its carbon footprint with positive results in the first quarter.

With the technology the hotel group can segment food waste into categories such as production waste, buffet waste, and trim waste – to better manage waste.

For example, by identifying the volume of production waste from poor prep work chefs can pinpoint training needs within their kitchen.

Chef’s Eye’s technology also allows Rotana’s chefs to identify and map out specific dishes and ingredients that are wasted with the use of a camera and scales.

The data is analysed so that the hotel group can make positive changes to the way it designs menus and presents food.

The technology was put into place in all of Rotana’s properties in the UAE at the end of last year and first quarter results show the hotel group has reduced food waste by 25g per cover. This includes a 63 per cent reduction in food waste from plated meals.

It also shows a 22 per cent reduction in overall production or trim waste, as well as a 15 per cent reduction in food waste from buffet stations.

As a result of the new technology the group says it has reduced its carbon emissions by 41,245.93kg – which according to Rotana is the same as powering 10 gasoline passenger vehicles for a full year.

Jarrett Beaulieu, vice president of food and beverage at Rotana said: “When food is wasted, every resource that goes into the production of the food, such as water and energy, both of which produce greenhouse gases, is also wasted. 

“Not only do these wasted resources increase our carbon footprint, but the food that ends up in landfills also produces methane, further contributing to our carbon footprint. That is why curbing food waste is a key objective for achieving Rotana’s overall sustainability goals.”

Rotana has also introduced smaller plates and serving spoons in its Flavours and Horizon restaurants to promote mindful dining and has signed an agreement with the National Food Loss and Waste Initiative, Ne’ma, to embrace food loss and waste reduction as a top priority, in alignment with the UAE’s aim to cut food loss and waste by 50 per cent by 2030.

Last year Hilton also announced a 62 per cent reduction in food waste after its Green Breakfast initiative was trialled at 13 UAE hotels.

Hilton reduces food waste by 62 per cent in UAE pilot

Image: Supplied by Rotana