ONYX works with UNESCO for cultural sustainability

by: Felicity Cousins | February 14, 2024

ASIA: ONYX Hospitality Group has teamed up with UNESCO for cultural sustainability initiatives, as well as targeting its carbon neutrality goals.

The group, which has hotels and resorts, serviced apartments, and luxury residences – Amari, OZO, Shama, and Oriental Residence – has committed to working with UNESCO and will focus on safeguarding and promoting cultural heritage and community-based tourism across Asia- Pacific.

The commitment extends particularly to where ONYX Hospitality Group’s hotels and resorts are located, which includes Thailand, Malaysia, China including Hong Kong, Bangladesh, and Laos.

The UNESCO partnership is part of ONYX Hospitality Group’s new sustainability framework, which is structured under four pillars closely linked to the company’s name:

  • “O” Opportunity – Providing necessary support to underprivileged individuals and organisations to provide suitable opportunities.
  • “N” Nature – Promoting environmental awareness such as community-involved initiatives, waste management, pollution control, and biodiversity preservation.
  • “Y” Youth – Taking part in developing younger generations by providing educational support, capability building, and learning experiences.
  • “X” Collaboration – Establishing long-term alliances to collaborate on promoting sustainability across Culture, Society, and Community. Forging partnerships with suppliers and organisations, all sharing a common goal of serving communities, safeguarding the environment, and supporting cultural projects.

ONYX Hospitality Group is also supporting WWF Thailand through the Sustainable Consumption and Production Project.

The focus is on laying the foundation and transformation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, fostering sustainable food systems, preserving biodiversity, environmental protection, conservation projects, and community engagement.

In line with its carbon neutral goal with the aim to achieve Net Zero, last year 11 properties under the management of ONYX Hospitality Group attained Carbon Footprint for Organisation certification from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO).

ONYX Hospitality Group will have 50 properties by 2025 and is aiming for a portfolio of 70 properties by 2028.

Image supplied by ONYX Hospitality Group