Nature Resort Development Alliance launches

by: Felicity Cousins | June 20, 2024

WORLDWIDE: A new global industry organisation, the Nature Resort Development Alliance (NRDA), has been announced with a platform encouraging collaboration across the sector.

A Nature Resort is a type of holiday destination designed to give guests “an immersive experience in a natural setting”. 

These resorts are typically located in areas of significant natural beauty, such as forests, mountains, beaches, lakes, or deserts.

The NRDA’s goal is to support industry leaders by offering access to education, best practices, governance, and guidance across critical areas such as sustainability, biodiversity, design, habitat preservation, and operational excellence. 

Damon Farrell, co-founder and CEO of NRDA told Sustainable Hotel News: “We are truly excited to launch the Nature Resort Development Alliance as it marks a critical turning point for the global Nature-based Hospitality industry. Through our alliance, we will set new standards in sustainable development and conservation, fostering a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to preserving our planet’s natural beauty and biodiversity.” 

Currently in discussions with universities in America, Germany and Ecuador the NRDA will also offer education opportunities for industry professionals to attain the essential skills and qualifications necessary for the sustainable development and operation of nature resorts.

Aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) best practices the NRDA’s platform also offers landowners, developers, designers, financiers, and operators a place to collaborate on projects in a sustainable way. 

“The NRDA’s commitment to collaborative effort streamlines the development process, making it easier for stakeholders to achieve their sustainability goals while delivering exceptional guest experiences, ” said Jason Parry, director of hospitality. 

The new alliance will also have a council of experts from across sustainability, environment, design and tourism operations, including UN researchers. This council will provide thought leadership to drive the sustainable development and management of nature resorts worldwide. 

Membership for the non-profit organisation is £699 for individual sites and £999 for multi-site operations and the NRDA welcomes members from all sectors of the nature-based hospitality industry including resorts, development firms, and operations ranging from glamping sites to ultra-luxury resorts.

Sustainable Hotel News asked Farrell about membership numbers at the launch. “Judging by the response and preregistration, we are expecting 300-400 to join in the first year, followed by a further 500 the next year,” he said.

“This alliance represents a unique opportunity for the industry to not only excel in providing exceptional guest experiences but to do so in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and enriching for local ecosystems,” said Parry.

Farrell added: “With regional directors and a focus on research and development, the NRDA will implement initiatives at both local and global levels, promoting responsible and harmonious growth and development within the hospitality sector. This ensures that the industry prospers and develops in a way that not only protects but also enhances the natural environment”.