Hotel sourcing platform adds sustainability data

by: Felicity Cousins | October 27, 2022

US: BTP Automation has partnered with industry leader Thrust Carbon to power a sustainable hotel sourcing platform. 

The BTP Green Care Index, is an automated technology to address sustainability in the hotel sourcing process. This means travellers can see at the point of booking which hotel has the greenest credentials, bringing transparency and real time data to a previously murky moment of choice.

The partnership incorporates BTP’s proprietary hotel sourcing platform, which delivers pre-trip, real-time, actionable data through their Intelligent Hotel Sourcing technology with real-time Thrust Carbon key hotel sustainability data and reporting.

Kit Brennan, founder and director of Thrust Carbon said: “One of the key barriers to more sustainable travel is data to answer the question: where do I stay to lower my footprint? With this extremely exciting partnership, BTP Automation is able to utilise Thrust Carbon’s intelligence solutions to put that answer in the hands of millions of travellers. In turn, we think this will further create impetus for hotels to lower their footprint to ensure they score higher on BTP Automation’s system, creating a flywheel of sustainability.“

Bruce Yoxsimer, CEO of BTP Automation added: “The BTP Green Care Index marks a significant step towards making key sustainability requirements visible to our customers during the hotel sourcing process. With this new feature, a company’s global hotel carbon emissions are upfront in the negotiation decision, which is a first for our industry. We are thrilled to partner with the leader in this space, Thrust Carbon, to bring this innovation to the market. ” 

Business Travel Performance (BTP) Automation provides continuous data-driven refinement of the negotiated hotel programme that considers actual travel patterns and changing market conditions. It can automatically and dynamically renegotiate programme terms and conditions throughout the hotel programme life cycle. The entire system can be used in a fully automated mode, eliminating the need for manual RFP generation and delivery.

Thrust Carbon is a leading carbon intelligence platform in travel, with an aim to report, reduce, and remove emissions. Its IATA & BTN award-winning products integrate and deliver market-leading accuracy and transparency, which helps to drive the industry towards net zero.

In other news about sustainable hotel data reporting, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has just updated its carbon metric data system meaning more clarification and transparency on carbon, water and waste across the global hotel industry. See here for the full story.