Alliance and STR form strategic partnership

by: Felicity Cousins | May 30, 2024

WORLDWIDE: The World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance) has formed a strategic partnership with STR, which provides data benchmarking and analytics for the global hospitality industry.

STR, which was founded in 1985, focuses on defining how businesses measure performance, benchmarking possibilities and drive industry standards. 

Through the new partnership both organisations will provide training and support to each organisation’s respective teams as well as collaborate in working groups, the creation of toolkits and resources, and the testing and implementation of solutions to measure social and environmental sustainability indicators. The Alliance will also conduct research across the sector, using STRs data resources.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance said: “Our partnership is significant for the industry as we collaborate to provide valuable resources for all employees within hospitality. 

“Securing the support of STR through our partnership not only ensures that as a sector we are working together, it means that we can accelerate our support for the industry as we lead our sector towards Net Positive, ultimately transforming our industry through sustainability.”

Amanda Hite, president at STR, said: “We embrace our responsibility as an industry leader and understand the role we can play in fostering sustainable solutions. We are proud to have a voice in these crucial dialogues and to leverage our global resources in the collective effort toward Net Positive.”

The Alliance recently announced its chairman Wolfgang Neumann was stepping down after nine years. Read more here.

Alliance’s Neumann steps down as chair

Image supplied: L-R- Robin Rossmann, managing director of STR and Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance